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Elaine Tennant

Elaine Tennant


Infectious Diseases Physician
Royal North Shore/Northern Beaches Hospital, Sydney/University of New South Wales



Sydney, NSW, Australia


  • Infectious Diseases Physician, trained in UK, Australia and New Zealand with previous work in Zambia.

  • Works as an ID specialist across three teaching hospitals.

  • Conjoint training as Public Health Physician, completing Fellowship during 2020 in this field.

  • Experience in general medicine, tropical medicine, HIV, viral hepatitis, health protection and epidemiology.

  • Experience in program delivery for vulnerable populations. Conjoint Associate Lecturer for UNSW.




  • Tennant E, Fletcher S, Kakar S, Najjar Z, Lord H, Clark P, Gupta L. Factors associated with adverse outcomes during influenza outbreaks at aged care facilities in three metropolitan local health districts. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. 2019 Oct 16. Doi: 10.1111/1753-6405.12933

  • Tennant E, Post JJ, Overton K, Gulholm T, McKenzie P. A Case of Syphilitic Aortitis. Internal Medicine Journal. 2018 Dec;48(12):1549-1550

  • Dewhurst S, Hansen S, Tennant E, Miller E, Allworth K, Eastwood J. Care coordination for vulnerable families in the Sydney Local Health District: What works for whom, in what circumstances, and why? International Journal of Integrated Care, Dublin. 2018;18(s1):40. DOI: (Published conference abstract, presented by colleague at 19th International Conference on Integrated Care, San Sebastian, Basque Country, April 2019)

  • Tennant E, Vollmer-Conna U, Demirkol A, Post JJ. Determining the factors associated with blood borne virus testing of substance misusers presenting to hospital. Internal Medicine Journal. 2017 Aug;47(8):907-914. DOI: 10.1111/imj.13497

  • Tennant E, Eastwood J, Todd K, Miller E, Costantino K. Exploring the barriers to care for vulnerable families in Sydney Local Health District. Sydney Innovation and Research Symposium. June 2017 (Oral Presentation)

  • Tennant E, Eastwood J, Todd K, Miller E, Costantino K. An evaluation of the barriers to health and social care for “hard to reach” groups enrolled in an integrated care initiative in Sydney, Australia. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2017;17(5):A392. DOI: (Published conference abstract, presented by colleague at 19th International Conference on Integrated Care, Dublin, May 2017)

  • Miller E, Ratcliff S, Golightly H, Tennant E, Eastwood J. Helping a community to help their kids: Bringing services together in a community hub in inner-city Sydney, Australia. 17th International Conference on Integrated Care, Dublin. May 2017 (Published conference abstract, presented at conference)

  • Collie L, Tennant E, Souter K, Murphy J. Qualitative evaluation of a pregnancy health mobile application for South Western Sydney. Health Beyond Research and Innovation Showcase 2016 (Accepted for Oral Presentation, presented by colleague). Winner of SWSLHD quality awards, technology section 2017.

  • Ogbo FA, Eastwood J, Page A, Arora A, McKenzie A, Jalaludin B, Tennant E, Miller E, Kohlhoff J, Noble J, Chaves K, Jones JM, Smoleniec J, Chay P, Smith B, Oei J, Short K, Collie L, Kemp L, Raman S, Woolfenden S, Clark T, Blight V, Eapen V, Early Years Research Group. Prevalence and determinants of cessation of exclusive breastfeeding in the early postnatal period in Sydney, Australia. International Breastfeeding Journal. 2016; 12:16. PMCID: PMC5385049 (Research paper)

  • Tennant E, Eastwood J, Todd K, Miller E, Costantino K. Defining the barriers to health and social care for vulnerable clients: An exploratory study of contexts underlying an integrated care initiative. Community Health Research and Evaluation Showcase November 2016, Sydney. (Oral Presentation)

  • Tennant E, Post JJ. Production of false-positive Immunoglobulin M antibodies to Hepatitis A virus in autoimmune events. The Journal of Infectious Diseases 2016 Jan 15; 213(2):324-325 (Letter)

  • Tennant E, Hudson BJ. Maternal death: Sepsis. The O&G Magazine (RANZCOG); Vol 15 Issue 1 Autumn 2013 (Review article)

  • Tennant E, Thiele H. Prospective review of outcomes with intensive infectious diseases input in patients referred to a hospital in the home service with cellulitis. Hospital in the Home 6th Annual Scientific Meeting, 2013, Oct 31-Nov 1, Sydney (Poster)

  • Cole J, Tennant E, McKendrick M. Review of moderate to severe eosinophilia within a regional Infectious Diseases Unit. Federation of Infection Societies Scientific Conference 2011, Nov 16-18, Manchester, UK (Poster)

  • Tennant E. Afghanistan still needs aid. Student BMJ 2002, Nov 2002: 10

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